Textile Art of Today
connects textiles and new technologies

Try the first virtual tour of textile creation and modern installations in beautiful Danubiana museum space.
Textile Art Of Today goes beyond the limits of today’s perception of textiles.
The best 121 contemporary artworks have been selected by curators from 1000, from 400 artists, from 49 countries.
The exhibition will be here only 2 months.


Textile is surprising. Read the stunning stories of the textiles you can currently find at the Textile Art of Today in Danubiana.


The Moravian Museum in Uherské Hradiště (Czech republic)

18.4.2019 - 23.6.2019

Pesti Vigadó Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

22.8.2019 - 22.9.2019

Muzeum Historyczne, Bielsko–Biała (Poland)

15.11.2019 - 31.12.2019