At the first virtual exhibition in the universe, in Danubiana right now you can find.

Art has a great power. It moves, makes one cry and gives hope. It floats on fantasy and it does not avoid even modern technologies. Emotion and rationality, reason and sense. By connection of these powers there can be created also a brand new universe and one may not go far to see it – in these days and weeks it is right on the Earth, in particular in Slovakia. One can only go to see the Triennale of Textile Art in Danubiana in Čunovo and you will experience what you have never experienced in Slovakia – artistic universe in virtual reality! What is it? One can imagine it also as a game and everybody regardless of their age can join it. It is a little bit crazy and bizarre but it is especially a very brave and fascinating theatre. It is interactive and amusing. Why, who would not want to get to planets we dreamed about as children and to get across the borders of everyday life even as an adult? However, these planets mean to meet with works of art in various environments. And what is a virtual menu like?

You will be able to travel through space on planets of four artists who belong among the top artists in the textile production in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Moreover, they are also pedagogues in art universities where they give over their experience to young generation. Professor Júlia Sabová prepared the planet with levitating hats resembling spaceships. On the other hand, assistant professor Blanka Cepková created textile chapels which are put into the environment of forest. One can enter and discover things we do not have a clue about.
Assistant professor Daniel Szalay created with the help of X-ray photographs a picture of controversial Argentinian Marxist and revolutionary Che Guevara. Standing by this picture we get to the centre of virtual city in an exotic environment. And Mgr. art. Mária Hromadová offers a virtual maze where one looks for the epicentre in a horror labyrinth of paths.

Yes, one can understand an artistic game in virtual reality as an invitation for a rising artistic generation because the future of the exhibition Textile Art of Today lies just in interconnecting of new modern technologies and contemporary textile art. Many great professionals stand behind the work of a virtual universe (Vladimír Broniš, Michal Mjartan). Charming musing which enhances the whole action was composed by Dalibor Kocián. The main creator and animator of the virtual game was David Gulla. Special thanks go to Emil Fitoš and Marek Kainráth.