17.1.1939 Topolná, Czech Republic – 29.1.2005 Bratislava, Slovak republic

A versatile artist in various fields of art, especially the creator of non-woven tapestries Artprotis and Arttex. She is one of the founding members of the studio Arttex. She stood for many foreign exhibitions and for dissemination of its uniqueness in the world.

In her iconographic program lasting 40 years we can see creations of monumental non-woven tapestries, Artprotisses and Arttex (it is Czechoslovak and Slovak registered trademark textile technique of needling wool fleece which allows author to paint with a textile fiber).

Božena Augustínová can be considered as pioneer hitherto unsuspected possibilities of these techniques. This is also the reason that today there is awarding a price unther her name – GRAND PRIX OF BOZENA AUGUSTINOVA for Textile Art of Today, as a tribute to her artistic legacy in the textile field.