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Winners of Textile Art of Today 2018


Grand Prix of Božena Augustínová: Marian Bijlenga (Netherlands)
Excellent Award: Takumi Ushio (Japan)
Excellent Award: Jiseon Yoon, (South Korea)
Excellent Award: Sui Park (USA)
Visegrad Award: Joanna Zemanek (Poland)
Danubiana Award: Martina Chudá (Slovak Republic)
Tatra Gallery in Poprad Award: Lucia Seppová (Slovak Republic)
Polish Institute Award: Karolina Lizurej (Poland)
Student award: Rosanna Rios (Venezuela)

Where can you experience teleport?


At the first virtual exhibition in the universe, in Danubiana right now you can find.

Art has a great power. It moves, makes one cry and gives hope. It floats on fantasy and it does not avoid even modern technologies. Emotion and rationality, reason and sense. By connection of these powers there can be […]

What is Rossana sealing?


The artist Rossana Rios connects the world with silk.

The Second Burial. It is not a very stimulating title for the work which wants to gain a favour of viewers. However, the title is also one of the manuals, the decisive factor is its content. And that is the depiction of an ancient ritual. […]

Who is an expert in nose twisting?


Michal Gautier forms sculptures, which smell.

Also visual art can smell fine. It does not have to be assigned for an eye or for a touch perception, but also for all other senses. Canadian Michel Gautier will immerse you into his world in such a way that you will perceive it with every cell […]

What has Martina stuffed into the socks?


Martina Chudá. Because she asks – what is beauty about?

The video has 17:30 minutes which is in a today world of short video clips is a mighty bite. However, I have been prepared to watch it till the end and I made a good decision. The fact is art needs also a longer […]