Triennial of Textile, without borders, a civic association is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to present the current global textile art in the V4 countries – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. Our aim is to create a space in the middle of Europe for professional authors of textile art in the form of exhibitions, workshops, lectures and educational process for students of secondary schools and universities of art.

Name of the exhibitions and other activities is: Textile Art of Today

The project aim is to promote interest in textile art creations and to encourage artists to innovative and experiment in the field of visual arts.

The motto of the exhibition:

Introduce textile production in new dimensions, not only classical hanging textile image, but also in other contexts and opportunities such as: textile sculpture, concept, object, installation, video and fashion artifacts.

Our goal is to shift the perception of textile design also by new media.

Textile Art of Today mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • presents current trends in artistic textile production in the world,
  • brings together artists from different countries in creative workshops,
  • develops education activity in the field of educating of students through lectures, workshops, respectively workshops for students of art schools,
  • seeks to promote interest in textile art creation and also encourages artists to innovative and experiment in the field of art that is beyond its borders. Through Textile Art of Today we open a dialogue between artists conducted in various textile techniques. We encourage interest in the formation of the fine arts also for artists who previously haven´t worked in this area (these artists are the bearers of new approaches), between students and teachers from different countries and different learning processes.